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LaRita Francois, BC-HSP, MBA - CEO/ Founder

LaRita Francois is a New Orleans native and has been educating, enriching and empowering vulnerable communities for more than 20 years. LaRita holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Services and Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Business Administration in Organizational Leadership at Northcentral University and holds the credential of HS-BCP (Human Services-Board Certified Practitioner). 


Through her community initiatives, advocacy and motivational speeches, LaRita has raised awareness on issues like Youth Incarceration, Education Systems Landscape and the effects on vulnerable populations. 


LaRita was named the 2015 National All State Black History Month Spokesperson, 2014 National All State Champion for Good, 2015 Adjunct Faculty of the Year for Herzing University, 2012 WWL TV Quiet Hero and received the 2012 SACS Reaffirmation Recognition Award from Dr. Marvalene Hughes, former president of Dillard University. She has been an educator at the high school and collegiate level.


As the eldest of two children LaRita never enjoyed the luxury of adolescence like most teenagers, she was faced with severe adversity when her parents became addicted to drugs and alcohol. Their addiction led to the exposure of homelessness, domestic violence, forced responsibility and neglect. Although LaRita was faced with such catastrophic experiences, she believes that providing individuals with the resources and tools they need to be successful along with helping them adopt a “can-do” attitude is the very key to unlocking their potential and achieving self-sufficiency. 


2015, Herzing University                 Adjunct Faculty of the Year

2014, All State                                 National Champion for Good

2012, WWL TV                                 Quiet Hero

2012, Dillard University                   SACS Reaffirmation Recognition Award


2015, Huff Post Live Panel Guest 

“What’s Working: Educating Impoverished Students” 


2015, Louisiana Rehabilitation Services Regional Meeting Guest Speaker 

“Empowering our Youth to Ensure a Brighter Future” 


2015, All State, National Black History Month Spokesperson 

“Give It Up for Good” (Audio Commercial) 


2014, All State Insurance, National Champion for Good Recipient 

“Give It Up for Good” (Video Commercial) 


2012, MLK Charter High School Honor Roll Banquet Guest Speaker 

“Just Keep Pushing”

2014, Black America Web

Take the Lead Founder Talks Motivation, Educational Training in New Orleans 


2012, AMPS Magazine (New Orleans Volume 1-Issue 1)

“Phenomenal Women of New Orleans” 


2011, Times Picayune

Homeless as a teen, Gentilly mom takes lead in empowering youths 

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